Flexible study options to ensure your success!

We’re committed to helping you reach your study goals, no matter what!

We know that life can be busy, so we provide you with the flexibility, support and resources you need to balance study with work and family commitments – and get the most from your Novaskill experience.


Learn in a traditional classroom environment (or on-site simulated environment, like a commercial kitchen) that gives you the opportunity to interact with your trainer and fellow students in person. This option is great if you like learning visually, asking lot’s of questions, working with others and being guided by an experienced expert.


A flexible learning option that gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and in your own time. You will still be assigned a trainer that will be available to assist and support your learning at any time. As the name suggests this option will be a combination of learning methods and modes. Always speak to your local team for details on what these might be, but some options may be printed books that are sent to your home, online learning portals, or e-classrooms.

This option is often used for courses that require observations (as part of our compliance obligations). Our experience shows that generally, the most efficient way to complete these components is to come into your local branch to finish off small portions of observed work.


A completely digital option that offers web-based resources and interactions. Sufficient internet connection and personal computing resources are required.


Also known as on-the-job or external. This option includes traineeships and apprenticeships.

Work-based learning is nationally accredited training that takes place at your work. Some examples could be in an office, at a shop, or on a construction site. It allows you to earn while you learn and gain real-life experience so you can directly, and immediately, apply your knowledge and skills. This type of training is traditionally completed as an apprenticeship and traineeship.

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