Supervising your apprentice or trainee

Running a business is stressful but employing trainees and apprentices doesn’t have to be.

Training Services NSW has also developed a video series for new supervisors or supervisors looking to refresh their knowledge or gain additional skills. It includes practical strategies you can use to improve outcomes for your learner, and ultimately, your business. The videos will explore how to support the successful completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship, your legal responsibilities as a supervisor, and how to ensure everyone’s safety at work. By using real life examples, they will offer effective management tools including:

  • How to motivate your new learner
  • Managing mobile phone and technology use
  • Effective one-on-one coaching techniques including how to understand and work with different learning styles.

Supervising your apprentice/trainee – intro

Roles and responsibilities

The Training Plan

Workplace training

Legal responsibilities

Signing off competence

In your learner’s shoes


Above the line behaviour

Learning Styles


Bullying in the workplace


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