Become a brilliant barista in just one day!

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Barista Skills

EVERY cafe needs a brilliant barista!

Our one-day course will ensure you’re it!

Did you know that three-quarters of Australians have at least one cup of coffee a day? This means that now, more than ever before, the hospitality industry is looking for highly-skilled baristas to add genuine value to their businesses now! Become hospitality’s hottest commodity and ensure your coffee has the town talking and desperate for more!

Basic, Advanced, and Home Barista classes are available now! Contact us for details. 

Did you know… coffee is crucial for the survival of more than one in four Australians?

The love of coffee is strong in Australia, with more than one in four (27%) indicating they cannot survive the day without it, and 9 in 10 (88%) stating they like it to some extent. Australia’s younger generations have a greater dependency on coffee, with around a third needing it to survive the day (33% Gen Y and 30% Gen X). – Source – Mcrindle.com.au

We’re taking enrolments now! Here’s what you’ll learn;

Basic Barista

  • Learn origins of coffee – bean to cup,
  • How to texturise milk,
  • The perfect coffee shot extraction
  • Different types of coffee
  • Common coffee abbreviation writing techniques
  • How to make different types of coffee

Advanced Barista

  • Different methods of brewing coffee for example cold drip, filter and pour-over.
  • Latte art – get that perfect rosetta!
  • Workflow and order of drink preparation

Home Barista

  • Learn origins of coffee – bean to cup,
  • How to texturise milk,
  • The perfect coffee shot extraction
  • Different types of coffee
  • How to make the most popular coffees

If you want to make that perfect cup and ace that job interview, upskill your staff, change your career trajectory or just learn a new skill to impress family and friends.. we have a class waiting for you!


Most Barista courses are completed in just one day. Classes usually range from 3 – 6 hours, depending on customisation and branch. Please contact us for details.


Most Novaskill branches offer regular classes. Please contact your local branch for dates or visit our Course Calendar.


Barista courses can be delivered in our branch kitchen or at your business. Speak to us for details.


Prices vary due to location, class size and customisation. Please speak to us for details.

Looking for something more? We’re able to customise courses, to suit your needs. Here are some potential add ons:

Accredited Food Safety Supervisor Course

Just starting out and need a Food Safety Supervisor? You may consider adding this nationally-recognised qualification which is generally required when applying for supervisory or management style roles in the hospitality environment. This course contains the following two units of competency; SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practic

Accredited customer service skills

Help your team to assist in the implementation and creation of policies and procedures, recipes, improve staff workflow and efficiency during service, team management for managers, or shift supervisors. You may consider units to expand knowledge in leading and managing people, Delivery and monitoring service to customers, and effective workplace communication. Ask our team for a copy of our Short Course Guide.

Please be aware that all Barista Classes offered by Novaskill are non-accredited unless otherwise stated.