Trainer and Assessor FAQ's

Ever thought about becoming a Trainer and Assessor? Here are some FAQ’s about Trainers and Assessors at Novaskill.

To deliver training and assess competence in the vocational education system, you will need at least the qualification TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or equivalent). This qualification provides recipients with a specialised set of skills needed to deliver and assess vocational qualifications. This qualification is the minimum requirement for any vocational teaching role in Australia.

To further advance your skills in vocational training, many trainers upgrade to the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and/or the Diploma of Training Design and Development. Both of these can be useful as Lead Trainer, Supervising Assessor and Learning and Development Manager.

In addition, you also need to hold the vocational competencies relevant to the qualification that you are delivering. This means, if you are delivering training and assessment in Business, you need to hold qualifications in Business yourself.

YES – to provide training and assessment, you must have current industry skills that directly relate to the qualifications you train and assess, and you must have current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs the services you deliver. Ideally, you will be an experienced trainer and assessor who currently works in the field that you deliver training in and you frequently undergo professional development.

Trainers and assessors are responsible for the development of student’s knowledge and skill. The tasks involved include:

  • Identifying individual student learning needs and creating effective learning strategies to meet these needs.
  • Advising students on courses, content, assessment requirements and training progress.
  • Facilitating learning programs including presentation of lesson materials, discussions, workshops, laboratory sessions, multimedia aids and computer tutorials.
  • Marking students’ assignments, papers and exams and associated evidence and providing feedback to students about their progress.
  • Maintaining student records and assessment outcomes, progress, attendance and training activities.
  • Planning, designing and developing program material and facilitation methodologies.
  • Consulting with Training Managers, resource providers, data services and Student support staff.

Submit your resume detailing your skills and experience from your previous work roles, and describe your qualifications and we can review your application in relation to the programs we offer.

We will review your detailed resume for your work and training experience, and we will reference your vocational qualifications and your TAE Certificate IV. Depending on your suitability, we will conduct verification checks with your previous employers and the organisation that issued your qualifications. Once these are verified, you will provide us with your competency mapping and, if approved, we can offer you a position as a Novaskill Trainer and Assessor.

YES – your details can be kept on file and you can contact us when you have completed your studies and ready to become a trainer/assessor.

Novaskill can provide a range of programs to suit many industries. These industries include:

  • Business Services,
  • Horticulture
  • Aged and Disability Care
  • Community Services
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Construction and Carpentry

YES – our flexible employment options allow for a range of trainer/assessor positions across all of our branches.

Already qualified and experienced?

If you’re hardworking, passionate and dedicated, we want to hear from you! Express your interest in becoming a Trainer and Assessor with us and we’ll be in touch when an appropriate position becoming available.

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