There has never been a better time to start a traineeship!

An easy way to ensure that your business has the skilled staff it needs to succeed.

Why choose a Traineeship with Novaskill?

Traineeships are a great way for your employees to work, earn and learn on the job.

Upskilling your team has enormous long- term benefits to an organisation. Training enables your workers to do their jobs better!

Studies have proven that by investing in staff it decreases production errors and increases performance.

Traineeships are available to new and recently hired staff, allowing you to upskill, support and retain your new employees!


Benefits of training staff


  • Increased productivity – employees’ work more quickly and accurately, saving you money
  • Customer satisfaction – more customers retained through improved customer service
  • Improved communication – employees communicate, participate and contribute more effectively
  • Motivated employees – raised morale because of the investment you’re making in them
  • Improved retention – staff turnover reduced and recruitment costs saved

You may be eligible for a NSW Smart & Skilled Fee Free Traineeship, contact us today to find out!

NSW Smart and Skilled Fee Free Traineeships

There’s never been a better time to start a traineeship in NSW. The NSW Government is now subsidising new traineeships through smart and skilled funding.

This means that neither the trainee undertaking the traineeship or the employer will have to pay for training!*


*Subject to eligibility for more information on government funded fee free traineeships please visit:


Interested in developing new or recently hired staff through a traineeship?

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