Engage and develop business skills for the future!

Ready to upskill in your downtime? We’re pleased to partnering with City of Newcastle to offer

Free online business training for Newcastle businesses!


Has the Coronavirus pandemic hit your business hard? To assit in rebooting the local economy, Novaskill is proudly partnering with City of Newcastle to offer local business owners and their staff, free online business training! Use this downtime to learn about business networking, communication, marketing, diversification and planning.

Novaskill’s Business Evolution Program has been designed specifically for business owners, managers, and staff to benefit everyone in ways of engaging and developing business skills, to better themselves, their future and conduct business.

For more information about the Novaskill Business Evolution Program and how it can assist you please contact Megan Cooper on meganc@novaskill.com.au or phone 0410 433 188.

Learning is fun, casual, and interactive. A friendly trainer is ready to support your individual needs. We encourage all participants to engage with each other and ask questions, so they complete with well-rounded practical skills that are useful and relevant!

Each course runs for 8 weeks and contains one accredited unit of competency.

The trainer will introduce this unit in the first week and explain what is required to be deemed competent in order to receive the Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. From weeks 2 – 7, the trainer will introduce a new discipline weekly and then finish with a review/submission for the final week. Digital classes (conducted via Microsoft Teams) where the trainer presents a new topic, are scheduled at the same time each week. These classes give everyone a chance to get to know each other, ask questions, share individual stories and examples, and have some fun!

The trainer will use some case studies and examples to explain new concepts, but everything learned can be applied directly to your business or workplace and will assist in completing the unit of competency.

Outside of the scheduled digital classes, participants will have access to our interactive learning platform where they can find more resources, share ideas, ask questions and contact the trainer.


All courses are 100% free and online!

Improve your digital presence with easy to follow guidance from a non-judgemental trainer.

Digital Literacy

Knowing how to find data from your website and then how to use that data to make better decisions, is vital in a digital world. Effective digital marketing can have an enormous impact to your business’s profitability, especially in these uncertain times. Learn how to access this information (for free!) and then use it to create a successful marketing plan that ensures your business gets noticed online!

This course will be based around the accredited unit of competency called BSBSMB403 Market the small business. The course will cover topics such as;

  • Social Media
  • Buying and selling online
  • Visual content
  • Website management
  • Email marketing

This course is for anyone that needs more assistance in bridging the great digital divide. Our trainer can break down these key areas and explain in easy to understand terms, how to go about starting and then maintaining your online presence.

Find ways to evolve and adapt to ensure your businesses survival.

Business Survival

The media have done a great job of showcasing the ideas and changes some businesses have made but having the ability to think outside the box and become one of those businesses isn’t easy. Learn how to plan, solve problems, diversify and manage time and money to ensure your business remains viable.

This course will be based around the accredited unit of competency called BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning. The course will cover topics such as;

  • Problem solving
  • Agility and decision making
  • Diversification
  • Time management
  • Financial management

This course targets mid to senior level staff and managers, who are likely to be in a position that allows them to make key decisions about the future of the business. Participants learn how to identify opportunities and then morph their current business model to better suit the needs of the new business landscape.

Start date: Friday 28 August 2020
Online class: Fridays at 8:45am

Learn how to effectively communicate with others and get the most out of word of mouth marketing!

Networking & Community Engagement

Being a confident communicator has many benefits for business, employment and life! Mastering key skills about establishing, maintaining and getting the most out of your business contacts is invaluable. Join us as we show you how to find new people to communicate with, the benefits of staying in touch online, how LinkedIn can become your best friend and how to confidently contact people to tell them about your business.

This course will be based around the accredited unit of competency called BSBREL401 Establish networks. The course will cover topics such as;

  • Establishing business connections
  • Relationship sustainability
  • Community Support
  • Establishing online networks
  • LinkedIn
  • Customer care

This course aims to engage anyone wishing to learn how to become a more effective communicator. Many participants are often in roles such as sales, marketing, management and customer service.

Learn how to show-off your businesses commitment to standing by its morals.

Business Integrity

Novocastrians are known and loved for their hard-working values so having a good reputation is paramount. As well as covering the basic business fundamentals and principles, you will gain a holistic view of what makes a business great, and learn how to become a business of choice.

This course will be based around the accredited unit of competency called BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements for small business. The course will cover topics such as;

  • Business fundamentals
  • Core business principles
  • Your business personality
  • Risk management
  • Resilience and respect
  • Innovation
  • Diversity

This course is aimed at business owners, managers and staff seeking to learn more about the fundamentals necessary to ensure the longevity and goodwill of a business.

Additional dates and times may also be available upon request. Please enquire now.






The fine print

These courses are funded by the City of Newcastle and therefore are only open to those living or working within this local government area. Please contact us for more details.

This is a 100% online course so all participants must have access to the internet and an appropriate device.

The Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment can only be issued if the trainer deems the participant to be competent. This competency is assessed in several ways and will be clearly explained in week 1. Poor attendance in digital classes, failure to deliver the assessments and/or evidence of competency, will mean the participant may not receive the accreditation.


Novaskill is proud to be partnering with the City of Newcastle to deliver this training. Click here to find out more about the Community and Economic Resilience Package

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