TriSpace Training

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Short, sharp and cost effect training to suit your specific business needs!

Need your staff training to be trained in a very specific area? Micro Credentials offer very specific training on key skills, and can be completed quickly, easily and without the need to enrol and full qualification. Training is delivered in small bit-sized chunks (or badges as we like to call them) and therefore is often flexible and low cost. This new learning concept continues to gain recognition and popularity and is a highly sort-after within the professional landscape.

TriSpace Training has been strategically designed to fulfil the skills gaps in a wide variety of workplaces.

It allows our trainers to appraise the learning needs of your staff (or recruits) and then design and deliver a tailored solution. The TriSpace model is a cumulative learning system that provides three-point training focused on the specific knowledge or skills required by your organisation.

Each TriSpace badge earned, covers three Nationally Accredited units of competency or three non-accredited “soft skills”. Soft skills are skills that don’t require formal accreditation but may significantly contribute to a harmonious and productive workplace (such as time management, decision making etc.)

Badges can accumulate over time through classroom based short courses, on-the-job workshops, online study or a combination.* These badges can be aggregated over time and used as credit towards a full qualification if required.

Upon successful completion of each badge, the student receives a formal Statement of Attainment (for accredited units) or a Statement of Participation (for non-accredited units) and a trophy to display, attesting to the quality of the employee and their commitment to their duties.

*Exceptions may apply. Please speck to us for specific details.


Learning Modules

Choose from one of our learning modules that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business

If your business documents are looking a little worse for wear,

discover the fundamental benefits of effective document creation and management. Get the most out of your Microsoft Office or Google Docs platforms and start controlling documents with confidence.

Give your staff the opportunity to develop specialised skills to provide support and assistance to those in their care and to safely monitor and assist with medications.

Give your business a boost and help your staff develop key skills required to operate and maintain a bar, with knowledge of fundamental customer service and bar skills comes the confidence to work effectively and provide the best possible service to customers.

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