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Welcome to Novaskill and congratulations
on your decision to develop your skills and knowledge.

To commence training with Novaskill you need to complete an Application for Enrolment Form or register online for a training course. This form records your personal details, contact information and your training history. The content is required by law to assist governments to plan for future training needs and to generate statistics of the training that takes place in Australia.

If you are a Trainee you will also be required to complete a National Training Contract that formally registers your training with the State Training Services (NSW) or Queensland Department of Education and Training. This is a binding legal contract involving you, your employer and the state government. Your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) representative will assist you in completing this form. All traineeships involve a financial contribution towards the cost of tuition and resources.

If you want to enrol in a Smart and Skilled course (or traineeship) subsidised by the NSW Government you may want to check out Smart and Skilled website or if you have concerns or queries you can call 1300 772 104.

For more information about Traineeships visit the Training NSW site here.

For more information on Training in Queensland click here.

View Novaskill’s Training profile on the Myskills website here.

If you discontinue your training it is necessary to notify all parties to the training contract. Forms for this can be located on our documents page.

It is essential that you are familiar with Novaskill policies and procedures so we have made them easy for you to access. Your handbook is your guide to all aspects of your training and provides details of the assessment process plus other forms and documents that will assist you with your learning.


Training Packages which regulate the qualifications needed for employment often change to meet the evolving needs of industry. This means you may have to upgrade your qualification. If this occurs during your training Novaskill will assist  you with this transition. If you are a trainee it may mean that you will need to have your contract updated. This is done with support from your AASN representative.

There are major changes underway for anyone considering the Training and Assessment qualification.

Qualifications that will transition in 2017 are:

  • AHC20410 Certificate II in Horticulture
  • SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail Services
  • SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations
  • SIR40212 Certificate IV in Retail Management
  • SIT31013 Certificate III in Catering Operations
  • TLI21610 Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
  • TLI31610 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

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