Fee free traineeships are here!*

There’s never been a better time to upskill a new employee!

As of 1st January 2020, the NSW Government has committed to paying the student fee for 70,000 recently employed full time or part time employees. This means there has never been a better time to speak to us about Professional Development Training for your employees!


Register your new employees as trainee and you may be eligible for up to $4,000 in federal incentives and Payroll Tax Rebates*.

*Rebates available for the duration of their training. Speak to your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider for more information.

See a full list of Nationally Recognised qualifications available as a traineeship.

Some of the many benefits might include:

  • Increased motivation and drive staff engagement
  • Higher retention rates due to increased staff morale
  • Providing internal promotion opportunities
  • Keeping up to date with industry changes
  • Build a better company culture
  • Increased capacity to adapt to change, new technology and methodologies
  • Being an employer of choice
  • On the job training with our workplace assessor (at your premises)

Train your staff exactly what they need to know to ensure their efforts are contributing directly to your bottom line!

Training your new team members is a sure-fire method of getting a return on investment sooner rather than later.

Developing essential skills in your new hire not only sets them up to be successful, it also means they will be contributing to your business’s bottom line faster. It doesn’t matter if they are coming in fresh, or with plenty of experience at a managerial level, fully subsidised training is available to increase their skillset.

There are two ways you can get the skills you need for your business: you can employ new staff or you can develop the skills of your existing staff. VET courses can help you with either approach and can be tailored to your individual business environment. Any new or existing staff who participate in the course will develop broader technical skills and an improved knowledge of your unique policies and procedures.

Did you know…

Many employers often believe that traineeships are just for juniors, however this is not the case. Trainees can be of any age and skill level. Traineeships can be completed for Certificate II, right up to Diploma.

Existing employees are eligible to start traineeships if they have been with your business less than 12 months (for part time workers) or 3 months (full time workers) dependant on average hours worked.

Fair Work Australia have a specified National Trainee Award Wage, however you may choose to pay your trainee above this rate (therefore pre-existing wage agreements may not need to change). For more information, visit Fair Work Australia.

What is an on the job trainee?

A traineeship is a training agreement between the trainee and their respective employer whereby the employer agrees to train the trainee in a specific industry, and the trainee agrees to work and learn. Traineeships are available for people of all ages and usually last between nine and 36 months, depending on the vocation and certificate level undertaken.

When you partner with Novaskill as your training provider, you have an opportunity to be involved in the development of individualised training programs, so your trainee receives customised training that is suited to your specific business requirements, not just generic skills.

Training is done in your business, so there is no downtime while sending trainees to classes.

Traineeships are work-based, meaning there is no lost time sending your trainees off to attend classes. All learning is a combination of on the job training as well as at home study. The delivery of learning materials will be negotiated with you and the trainee. It may be online or in printed booklets.

Our Novaskill Trainer and Assessor will visit your business every 4-6 weeks to see the trainee in the workplace and assist on the job, where needed. Furthermore, you and the trainee will have access to the trainer at any stage for additional assistance.

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*Incentives, rebates and fee-free training is subject to eligibility criteria found at vet.nsw.gov.au/fee-free-traineeships. For more information regarding traineeships please visit www.training.nsw.gov.au/apprenticeships_traineeships/employers. For consumer protection information please visit https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au/for-employers.