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Work For The Dole

Work for the Dole activities provide eligible job seekers with work-like experiences.

This experience helps job seekers learn new skills and improve their chances of finding a job.

From 1 July 2014, a new Work for the Dole programme was phased in, in selected areas across Australia. Job seekers aged 18 and under 30 years who are registered with a Job Services Australia (JSA) provider in the selected areas and who have a Work Experience Activity Requirement will be required to participate. Work for the Dole Coordinators in the selected areas will work with JSA providers and potential host organisations to help identify Work for the Dole places.

Novaskill (HGT Australia LTD) is proud to deliver the Work for the Dole Coordinator Services for the Central Coast Region of New South Wales. A map of the service region for the work for the Dole Coordinator can be found here.

The team at the Novaskill Central Coast Office are available to answer your queries regarding Work for the Dole. Please contact 02 4357 8600 or WFDCoordinator@novaskill.com.au

Alternatively, a Work for the Dole Hub is established at our Tuggerah Office located here.

The Work for the Dole Coordinator is proudly funded by

the Australian Government’s Department of Employment.

Further information.

For more information from the Australian Government’s Department of Employment please follow this link.

General Fact Sheet – http://docs.employment.gov.au/node/34127
Job Seeker Fact Sheet – http://docs.employment.gov.au/node/34125
Host Organisations Fact Sheet – http://docs.employment.gov.au/node/34123
Job Seeker frequently Asked Questions – http://docs.employment.gov.au/node/34125
Host Employer Frequently Asked Questions – http://employment.gov.au/work-dole-selected-areas-frequently-asked-questions-potential-host-organisations
Job Services Australia Frequently Asked Questions – http://employment.gov.au/work-dole-selected-areas-frequently-asked-questions-job-services-australia-providers

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