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Vocational calling for a career in training and assessment


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment develops skills with practical applications in the workplace enabling you to plan and run individual and group-based training and assessment processes, assess competency, and facilitate workplace learning and mentoring programs as well as addressing adult language, literacy and numeracy skills in the workplace. It enhances your ability to provide leadership and guidance as well as organising and monitoring the performance output of your staff.

Novaskill’s Training and Assessment program brings together the very best of current business training materials and highly experienced trainers and career coaches to ensure your

Get real world skills

The Certificate II in Warehousing Operations is a general qualification for the warehousing and storage industry. This course will provide participants with strong knowledge of WHS and induction procedures, pick and pack material processing, stock replenishment and dispatch, product and store identification specifications, accident and fatigue management and working in a socially diverse environment.

Novaskill’s Transport and Logistics program brings together the very best current training materials and procedures with highly experienced trainers and career coaches to ensure your qualification and experience have immediate real world application.

Who is this for?

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been developed for those currently working in a broad range of work functions within the vocational training and assessment industry or those in the in industry seeking to take on a training role.

Employees contribution to a workplace will increase exponentially through ongoing broad-based training.

Source: NCVER, 2014 VET Students by Industry


TAEASS401B       Plan assessment activities and processes

TAEASS402B       Assess competence

TAEASS403B       Participate in assessment validation

TAEDEL401A       Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning

TAEDEL402A       Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace

TAEDES401A       Design and develop learning programs

TAEDES402A       Use Training Packages and Accredited Courses to meet client needs


TAELLN411      Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

TAEDEL301A      Provide work skill instruction

TAEDEL404A      Mentor in the workplace

TAETAS401A      Maintain training and assessment information

TAEASS502B      Design and develop assessment tools

BSBCMM401A      Make a presentation

Students must undertake an initial pre-enrolment assessment to determine their suitability for this level of study. International students require IELTS 5.5 (min) or equivalent.

It is vital to the success of our business to have an internal and qualified trainer that can ensure staff are at the top of their game.


  • 1 evening per week for 20 weeks

Training and Assessment is available by mixed mode, combining online theory with face to face seminars and classroom courses either one day per week or per fortnight. See website for further details.


  • Classroom
  • Workshop


  • Face to face
  • Phone
  • Online

Having the skills, and qualification, in my chosen career has enabled me to confidently work with and assist people every day.


  • Qualified Trainer
  • Qualified Assessor
  • RTO Administrator


TAESS00003      Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set

TAESS00007      Enterprise Trainer – Presenting Skill Set

TAESS00008      Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set


EMPLOYEES       Payment plans available

VET FEE-HELP       Not applicable

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